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Pyrocamping is an innovative transportable barbecue exploits of the smokeless phenomena of pyrolysis and gasification.

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Pyrogrill is an innovative babecue exploits of the phenomena of pyrolysis and gasification. This results in a smokeless fire that only leaves organic charcoal residues (or rather "biochar").
The burnt pellets are excellent for use as fertilizer. 

The Pyrogrill is extremely simple to use: after lifting the cover (which becomes a covenient support surface) and moving the grill, the pellets can be easly inserted from above, taking care to stop at the Maxmium Load Level*.
With just 50-cents worth of pellets, the unit is capable of funcioning autonomoulsy for over 2 hours.
The unit can be lit manually by simply applying any type of fuel to the pellets and lighting them with a match or a lighter.
After repositioning the grill, the unit is ready to be used in just few minutes.

* The poiny highlighted by the red circle idicates the holes corresponding to the maximum load level, to which the hopper should be filled.

The Pyrogrill requires no electricity or gas, will not produce smoke, and, provides for up 2 hours of autonomous cooking time with the fuel hopper fully loaded.
Since the cooking grease is channelled along a groove that runs around the grill and collects inside a special container, the cast iron plate can cleaned with maximum ease. 


The advantages and features of our pyrolytic barbecue are listed below:

1) No electical components

2) Built entirely using painted steel and stainless steel in order to ensure maximum durability

3) Equipped with a thick cast iron plate, for perfect cooking

4) Will not generate smoke

5) Ready for cooking in just a few minutes time

6) Artisanal product made entirely in Italy

7) Over 2 hours of autonomous cooking time with just 2 kg of pellets

8) A steel plate is also availabile as an alternative to the cast iron plate

Produttore: Pyrofire
Modello: Pyrocamping
Descrizione: Pyrocamping is an innovative transportable barbecue exploits of the smokeless phenomena of pyrolysis and gasification.
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